Infinitee Golf Computer Software
Very wide angle screenshot taken from game

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Infinitee Golf

  • Windows computer golf game.

  • Patent Pending Technology providing Billions of unique course layouts without additional purchases.

  • Realistic challenging courses.

  • Not a web-based game -- no internet connection required to play.

  • Beautiful graphics.

  • BILLIONS of courses (yes, BILLIONS).  You'll never have to play the same course twice....unless you want to.

  • Play with your friends around the world with network play.

  • Compete with other golfers in our weekly tournaments.

  • Play every day on a different one of our billion courses, or play your favorite courses over and over.  It's up to you!

  • Player statistics.

  • Free Demo available for download.

  • Compete with your young children using our Beginner and Toddler modes.

  • Did we mention BILLIONS of courses?  We're not kidding!  
    Infinitee Golf comes with over 700 Billion courses!!!

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